Interior design consultations

Armchair collective offers onsite interior design consultations.  Whether it’s just one room or an entire house you need help with, we can help you each step of the way. Advice can be given on everything from soft furnishing to lighting, custom made goods, re-upholstery and styling. You may have lived in the space for a long time and need a fresh set of eyes to throw around some new ideas or you could be starting from scratch and need help getting started. Armchair believes in personal style and can help you reflect this in a comfortable liveable environment.

Consultations usually take an hour, but can be extended if needed. All elements of the makeover/renovation will be discussed. The designer will bring limited samples on site, but will provide a quote over the next week or two. This quote will include any recommendations, readymade/custom made products and upholstery services required, for example lounges, chairs, lamps, ottomans, cushions, further accent pieces etc. Clients are invited in store to talk with our designer about their quote and look at all samples suggested. Further consultation via email and phone is given from start to finish of every project. If needed our designer can assist you with selecting from other suppliers (tiles, carpets etc) if you are needing a more comprehensive guidance. Come in store or call to book an appointment with our designer Kirsty Keir.

Home styling

Armchair Collective offers onsite home styling consultations. Often many of our clients already have all the furniture and interior products they could want or need, but just need help in styling it. A consultation with our designer will provide a fresh set of eyes and a new look with what you already have. Whether its de-cluttering or achieving a more functional space, we can help. Within the consultation you will see small changes, such as moving furniture around, make a dramatic effect on the look and feel of your space. Come in store or call to book an appointment with our designer Kirsty Keir.

Re-upholstery consultation

This consultation includes up to ½ an hour on site. Client upholstery pieces are measured, photographed and checked over for structural weaknesses that need to be fixed. All information gathered on site is then evaluated and quoted on. Quotes can take up to 7 working days. This consultation is for re-upholstery only. Depending on the number of items, this consultation may need to be doubled in time and fee. (4 items usually fit into the ½ hour).

Additional consultation after initial visit
Some clients require more time on site with the designer. This may be due to the size of the property and include further discussions on renovations, interior finishes and client needs

Armchair Collective offers pure quality when it comes to your upholstery. Whether it’s a chair we have found for you or a special one of your own. We pay attention to detail especially with the fabric which is by far the most important part. We are very conscious of colours, pattern matching and making your old chair special again. Below is an outline of some of the steps needed for us to help you get started.

Step 1: Quote Estimate

  • Every chair is different
  • Quotes vary due to the condition of the chair eg. springs, foam and timber can change the quote dramatically
  • Piping, skirts and patterned fabrics often require more fabric metres
  • Armchair Collective designer will need to be able to view the chair, either a photo in store or emailed, or the chair itself (please call beforehand, as we have very limited storage)
  • Dimensions including the height, width and depth determines the fabric needed

Step 2: Final Quote

  • The final quote is given when the upholsterer has viewed the chair. We will try to team up a time when the upholster is coming in store, usually this is every 2-4 weeks. Armchair Collective will contact client if any changes occur to the quote

Step 3: Upholstery

  • A 50% deposit is required to proceed with the upholstery
  • Upholstery time 6-10 weeks. Fabrics imported from overseas or hand printed will take slightly longer
  • The condition of the chair will also determine the time of upholstery as parts may have to be ordered

Step 4: Delivery

  • The remaining 50% is required before any items leave armchair or are delivered to the client
  • Delivery is outsourced and is a direct cost to the customer (this must be requested ahead of time)

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